Who's Gin is it Anyway?

OK, I will admit right off that this is a bit of a rant. The Autumn Rugby Union Internationals have just finished and I wanted to share with you the kind of ‘opportunities’ gin producers often get.

This time it was a chance to be involved at Twickenham at three international matches. What we were offered was the chance to be within a ‘Tasting Room’ where punters (paying up to £800 per head for their package) could come and get free samples of a number of food and drinks supplied by producers like us. So far so….what’s the catch?

Well this is what it would’ve cost us:

£3000 +VAT (£1000 per match) + the cost of the gin we gave away (c£300) + the cost of using event staff if we didn’t want to do it ourselves (c£200) + travel & accommodation (c£450).

And what fantastic return did we get for this investment of around £4500?

“Chris Robshaw will Tweet his thanks for your attendance to his (45,000) followers on Twitter.” we were told.

My chin is still bruised from where it hit the floor!

The thing that affected me the most was the attitude of the guy who approached us to do this when I questioned the ‘bang for buck’ for us as a nano spirits producer. He simply thought it was a great deal and that we were mad not to take up the offer.

I will let you make up our own mind.