“So I was at this party in London…”

and I met a guy from Guyana. We got talking over our mutual love of rum when he said to me “Try some of this.” A label-less bottle was pulled from an old canvas bag and I tentatively took a drink. Subsequent drinks were less tentative as it was the smoothest, most delicious spiced rum I had ever tasted. It took me hours to convince him to to tell me what spices were used in its construction, and months to be able to faithfully reproduce it for our customers under the name “Voodoo Spice”.

— C.G.

“I’m so glad he finally got the recipe right!”

I have never seen Charlie so obsessed with a project. He knew the spices used were Black Pepper, Ginger and Vanilla, but had no idea of the ratios. Once he had sourced the Guyanan rum it was just a matter of blending it with the spices to get the right taste. Little did I know that it would take weeks of time and seventeen attempts to perfect the blend. It’s nice to have my husband back - until the next project!

— J.G..

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